Jo's Library Quilt
Authors Helping Build A Library
Signature By Signature...Block By Block...Book By Book!





Jo's Library Quilt is unique for manay reasons! It has 50 signatures of prominent GENEROUS best-selling AUTHORS. And after many, many months of volunteer hours THE QUILT, measuring approximately 72 x 88, is COMPLETE. It became the gorgeous masterpiece we all anticipated in the beginning created from the hand-picked fabric "stash" donated by the local, volunteer quilters! When YOU make a DONATION to Jo's Library Quilt, YOU will have the opportunity to WIN  the QUILT (includes Certificates of Authenticity of Signatures!).  Display it in YOUR own library or use it as a throw over YOUR couch for a unique conversation piece OR  you may want to cuddle up under it and read YOUR favorite book (perhaps one from THE BOOK COLLECTION!).

When I decided to do a fundraiser for the library, I needed to find some volunteers to help make the quilt because I know absolutely nothing about making a quilt; I just wanted to raise some money for the library! So I told my story to our Librarian, Yvonne Judd. What a surprise to me when Yvonne said she was an avid quilter! She was excited and thrilled with the fund raising idea. And then a couple of days later she told me about a quilt she wanted to make. She had seen a picture of a library book quilt and had always told herself that one day she would make her own version of the pattern to hang in our library.  Unfortunately, there is NO SPACE in our library to hang the quilt!  A couple of days later & to my surprise, Yvonne “whipped out” the picture of th quilt we had discussed. Needless to say I began to cry, which is a standard routine in my new lifestyle. But they are “happy” tears! I couldn’t believe my eyes! The decision was made for the creation & assembly of Jo's Library Quilt!

I ran home immediately, got online to and ordered the pattern from Christine Thresh who CREATED THE ORIGINAL DESIGN IN 1994! She said to watch for the big yellow envelope! And it arrived safely just a few days later! THANK YOU Christine! (Checkout her website for more LOVELY patterns too!) 

My original thought was a quilt with author’s signature squares with flowers or leaves around them. Isn’t that what a normal quilt looks like? Oh no, not this one! Yvonne's artistic talent, years of experience in quilting and being a librarian made her the perfect choice to become the QUILT MEISTER and COORDINATOR of Jo's Library Quilt! And guess what? She's making her "someday quilt" to help one of her favorite places...THE LIBRARY!!!

Yvonne is a member of a local quilt guild in Coalville and she suggested I make a presentation to the guild to solicit additional volunteers to help “stitch” the quilt.  And what an "eye opener" that get-together was and the timing was perfect!

Just two days after the presentation, I received a "special" phone call from one of MY FAVORITE AUTHORS, Fern Michaels. She had received my "quilt square" package and needed "instructions" on how & where to sign the square. ( may seem this is a calm, composed paragraph but trust me, I was ANYTHING BUT when I received the call. However, my husband was proud that I didn't do the "scream like a crazy fan" thing in the phone!) I did keep my composure and had a pleasant, wonderful, educational phone conversation with FERN MICHAELS! Hence, the "template" was created! Thanks to Fern Michaels, I can be assured that each and every author signs their signature where it needs to be on the quilt square to fit within the spines of the books on Jo's Library Quilt!

Yvonne assembled this unique QUILT and coordinated the volunteer "helping hands" of local quilters Lisa Bagnell, Linda Vernon, Nelda Staples, Tami Stevens, Annette Moore, Trudy Geary, Rona Wright and Jeanette Vernon.  

I planned on purchasing ALL of the fabric for the quilt at my own expense. Yet, Yvonne, a quilter for many years, asked me if I would accept some "donated" fabric. Oh my goodness! My image of this “stash” as they call their collection from years' past, was of colorful flowers and cutesy stuff; even some little bears! Oh no…I was wrong! My lack of "Quilt" knowledge caught me off guard when I saw the first few pieces of quilt strips being cut for the beginning of Jo’s Library Quilt! Guess what I did? Yep, cried again!

These are the FIRST strips of DONATED fabric cut out for the spines of the books for Jo's Library Quilt!

Gorgeous, vintage, fabulous fabric! How will I ever be able to thank them enough for their volunteer work AND fabric! The author's that are being so very generous to provide their signatures are going to be VERY impressed when they see their SIGNATURES on Jo's Library Quilt...truly a "work of art." 

As Nelda Staples, one of our volunteers said..."It's from my 'stash'..." and what BEAUTIFUL stash it is. Fabric from wedding quilts, quilts for grandchildren and even a box that came from her Grandma! Vintage fabric will be displayed on Jo's Library Quilt. Who wouldn’t want a opportunity to WIN this quilt? I can visualize it already as a wall-hanging in someone’s personal library or reading room. 

These are the FIRST two, completed quilt blocks with signatures from

Alexander McCall Smith and Tess Gerristen!

Just think....from those little, simple, fabulous strips of donated fabric!

Next quilt block belongs to Sandra Dallas

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and Dean Koontz

 Read his special note on The Authors page

Eileen Goudge, New York Times Best Selling Author AND new friend (if I may so boldly say) and helpful soul said she can picture someone cuddled up under this quilt reading a book (hopefully one of hers!). This could be YOU...why not! The Authors and Volunteers are helping. Now YOU can help by donating to the Coalville Library. And to thank you for your support you will have a opportunity to wrap yourself up in this extraordinary JO'S LIBRARY QUILT! 


The "Ian Fleming Steel Dagger" Award Winning Author Jeffery Deaver Signs Quilt Square

Joining...2009 Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Elizabeth Strout

"Just the beginning...but look how beautiful it is! (photo image) Authors' signatures incorporated with the woodgrain fabric that the artistic Quilt Meister (and our Librarian) has chosen for "framing" the squares. I "tweaked" it on my computer to give you an idea of what this "masterpiece" is going to look like! Now you want it don't you!?!?

Make a DONATION and you can have an opportunity to WIN it!!!

10 of the 27 quilt blocks. Each block is 8" x 20."

Completed quilt will be approximately the size of a full size bed quilt.