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July 22, 2011 at 5:00 PM

Although there were literally hundreds across 26 states I would have loved to be the WINNERS and they’re ALL WINNERS in my book (no pun intended!), unfortunately we could only pick three (3) winners, and their stories were great!

The Quilt...Kara Pack, Henderson, NV
The Book Collection...Carmen Visconti, DeLand, FL
The Collage...Anna Simister, Coalville, UT

A local Coalville resident, Anna Simister, won the COLLAGE! Her name was drawn by a Librarian from the Salt Lake Public Library City. They have been VERY supportive of Jo’s Library Quilt through various stages! Anna said she NEVER wins anything! And she is a HUGE library patron! Works here in Coalville and knows all about Jo's Library Quilt project from the beginning. She was out riding her bike, stopped by, knew about the drawing, donated almost over a year ago (!) and we told her she WON! When I pointed out the 17 writers who are on the COLLAGE she was AMAZED! Thrilled to pieces! Can’t wait to check their books out at our library!

Resident Carmen Visconti from DeLand, Florida won the BOOK COLLECTION! We had a surprise visit from our County Commissioner Sally Elliott. She drew the winner! I called Carmen Friday night and she was ecstatic! Carmen just had lunch with family other day; told them about the project! Told them she donated AGAIN because she loved the project concept and is a BIG FAN of Carl Hiaasen who’s in BOOK COLLECTION and he’s on the QUILT too. She heard about the project through Carl’s Facebook page! Get this…she’s a bookclub member and a quilter too! When she receives the books, she’s going to contact local paper and have photos taken at a local book store or her home. Pretty cool, eh?

And the winner of the QUILT, Kara Pack, drawn by Yvonne, the Quilt Meister (seemed appropriate don’t you think?), is a business associate and friend from Henderson, NV. Kara also donated over a year ago and is a BIG reader and wanted to help a friend too! They’re building an addition on their home and she’s getting a new “home” office. When I spoke to her Friday night, she’s thinking the QUILT might look just PERFECT in her new office since she needs a new WORK OF ART! She VERY pleased to say the least!

And I kept saying it was going to be so hard to give this MASTERPIECES away after having them in my possession for sooooooo long. But guess what? 2 out of 3 I’ll be able to “visit” on occasion! How wonderful is that! And the dear lady from Florida will send photos upon receipt! Not too shabby!

Thank you AGAIN to 67 award-winning New York Times Bestselling Authors and EVERY dang person that donated & supported Jo’s Library Quilt Project! As my story's been BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS and the closing ceremony was the icing on the cake!

Part II of Jo's Library Quilt Project? Not sure what that will be. Hope it entails more or some of the same 67 award-winning, bestsellers that helped put this "baby" together! It was a blast! Thanks to all of you and EVERYONE who made Jo's Library Quilt project a success.

But for now...hubby and I are taking some time off while son & new wife tend to house & doggie (aren't they excited!). Cheers! Let the party begin!

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Well...I can't say that's true about my son :-) But first plane of family has arrived for his wedding on Sunday so I'll be counting down the days for that great event too! Be back soon!

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