Jo's Library Quilt
Authors Helping Build A Library
Signature By Signature...Block By Block...Book By Book!


You know that “Acknowledgements” page in the front of most books (the one most of us never read)? We all skip those pages…let’s get to the “meat” of the story, right? Well, I have been taking the time to read them over the last couple of years and you can tell they are written “straight from the heart” because no BIG project like a book, a movie, a play or Jo’s Library Quilt, can be done alone! Although someone had the idea, wrote the story, put the action in play, many, many players MAKE IT HAPPEN.

So I would like to express my THANKS to EVERYONE for everything YOU have done to help me create the Jo’s Library Quilt project! Note: A person said once though…the only “bad” thing about these Acknowledgements and Thank You speeches is what if you forget someone? I have been keeping a journal since the beginning of Jo’s Library Quilt and I’ll sure try dang hard NOT TO FORGET YOU!

Michael Garver: My husband. I thank him mostly for putting up with all my babbling on, and on, and on about Jo’s Library Quilt at all hours of the day or night when I’m “in the Zone!” He is truly my “comfort zone” and when I need to re-group, get on track and just be normal, I know I always have my “safe place” with Michael. My true love! Thank you from Wifey.

The Authors: I wouldn’t have Jo’s Library Quilt without the Authors! I've never had the opportunity to  work with a more generous group of people in my entire life! And the funny thing? You don’t even know me from Adam! But you received my letter asking for help and you responded BEYOND BY WILDEST DREAMS! And a few of you dear, generous, literary souls have gone “above & beyond the call of duty” and I won’t mention your names but YOU know who you are - F.E.A.R. Interesting that your initials spell “FEAR.” The standard definition of fear is "terror," an emotion I have not experienced at all. However, there have been moments of panic, alarm and apprehension while you provided support and “helped me build a template“ or challenged me to “up the ante” or encouraged me to “reach out” and “Blog, Facebook & Twitter“ me BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS!

THANK YOU AGAIN & AGAIN for HELPING COALVILLE RAISE FUNDS FOR A NEW LIBRARY! I would like to meet you someday and personally thank each and every one of you. And that just might happen. My new retirement goal: Attend the book signing/reading of each and every author on Jo’s Library Quilt. Hope to meet you soon! (Of course my husband hasn’t read this page and hasn’t agreed to this but I’ll work on him!)

Donna Borner: My dear mother-in-law who got me into this whole mess into the first place! She pushed me to use the library and she dragged me to book-club. (However, I have paid her back already…she has cut out EVERY little dang square that went out to EVERY author!) And Donna’s biggest contribution? She referred me to an author named Eileen Goudge who was one of the first author’s I contacted. And how fortunate that was for me. You’ll read (or have read) about Eileen throughout the website! By the way, Eileen’s signature is on a famous painting? When it’s complete, see if you can guess the artist’s name? You’ll be able to view it in the Photo Gallery soon! Thank you Mother, Donna and Friend.

Sharlene Anderton: Oh my goodness gracious! How could I not mention Charlene! The retired school teacher from Henefer, Utah; an historian buff! I should probably THANK HER the most or never talk to her again for getting me into this mess (just kidding Charlene!). Her and my mother-in-law; partner's in crime?! Hee-Hee! Charlene's “pick of the month” for bookclub back in September 2009 was THE SUGAR CAMP QUILT, my inspiration for Jo’s Library Quilt! An historical novel about quilting? Didn’t sound like my “cup up tea” so I thought! But I loved it! Ohhhhh Sharlene! You did good! And a side note: Charlene actually introduced the Jennifer Chiaverini Series to the Coalville branch…and what an impact that has made in many, many ways! Thank you Sharlene. See you at bookclub. But I’ll be cautious about your next bookclub “pick!”

Jason Garver: My son. We had a conversation one night. We have a standing family joke that he’s my favorite (you do know it’s a joke Shannon!). I said wouldn’t it be funny to put something of yours on the quilt to bug your sister! BINGO! I was trying to come up with an idea to thank the volunteer quilters for all their valuable time and effort, AND their donated fabric. So I have asked them to pick a special, personal photo which we are incorporating into Jo’s Library Quilt! Jason is also a math whiz and has always helped his Mom in that field for years! And he’s our black & white personality in the family but he’s learning to be grey and comes up with some GREAT suggestions where DONATIONS are concerned (numbers & money - he likes them both!). Thanks J!

Shannon Pace: My daughter (and friend). My photographer (she says not professional but in my book she is!). First of all, where did the name Jo’s Library Quilt come from? Shannon. And the idea for a website? Shannon (and one of the volunteer quilters listed below). And Shannon has taken photos for me. Actually the first photo shoot was Jennifer Chiaverini’s book signing. Visit the Photo Gallery. An exciting event! And since I’m keeping a Journal of this project, Shannon came up with the clever idea of taking a photo of me with each quilt square received! And each generous author receives that photo (lucky them!). Oh, now she's moving on to advertising, Facebook...anything to support Mom! Thank you Angel!

Yvonne Judd: My new friend, the Quilter and our Coalville Librarian. Without the authors I wouldn’t have a quilt AND without Yvonne I wouldn't have THE QUILT! My goodness gracious! Where do I begin! A famous author told me “the universe is looking out for you girl” regarding this project. Happening upon Yvonne is one of those ways. I told her my idea, she showed me her “dream quilt” of book shelves (she’s also an avid quilter!) and then she showed me some strips of fabric and voila! Jo’s Library Quilt was born. Sound simple? Not to me. I know NOTHING about quilting and she graciously volunteered to BUILD IT and coordinate it with her artistic abilities. (Oh yes, she’s a painter too! You can view her painting in the Photo Gallery and you’ll also get to see one of her paintings on the Quilt next to Jennifer Chiaverini’s signature!) Yvonne has also donated her own beautiful fabric from her own private collection! Yvonne organized packets of fabric and instructions for the local quilters who are volunteering their "stitching" time. And her choice of fabrics…it all comes from being Yvonne...the Quilter, the Librarian, the Artist! And she doesn't really ever remember telling me "yes" to this whole project...she just said it was a "great idea." BUT look what she's doing... building her "dream quilt" for  one of her greatest passions...THE LIBRARY! Thank you Yvonne (yes, I’m crying!).

Sean Stromberg: Friend and Geek. So my daughter suggested a website but I thought that seemed too “commercial.” I just wanted to keep it “up, close & personal.” But how was I going to manage collecting “donations” and the “money” thing! BINGO! A website and I knew just the guy who knew ALL ABOUT IT! My dear friend and good ole' buddy, Sean. So I approached my “geek” friend and he was IMPRESSED! Sean and I worked together years ago and this was going to be an opportunity to DO IT AGAIN! (Moments prior to our first meeting, my daughter called to remind me that there are “free” websites available since she was “looking out after me” since I’m doing this at my own expense and she knew I was talking to a PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE COMPANY!) But I decided to “spend the bucks” and look what I got! Imagicom…Web Applications Done Right! Sean already knew it all. That’s why I called him! And he’s business-smart too so I got a little extra on top of it! (Just a little side note: After our first meeting, I told Sean my BIG goal is to have the “drawing” on the Ellen DeGeneres show  but Ellen does know that yet!). His reply…”You get on Ellen…the website is free.” Well…I’m not on Ellen yet but I also haven’t paid a dime to Sean. Go figure?) Thank you dear Sean!

Jane Macdonald Lewis: My Sister (My Only Sister). I guess it all started with Jane referring me to books to read because you see, she’s a BIG reader and a BIG supporter of libraries because she’s a retired teacher (with a MASTERS in Reading!). And I have always enjoyed her analogies when I needed an explanation of a book, a movie, a situation, whatever the need. And then I told her about this project and it was MANDATORY that she attend the Jennifer Chiaverini signing (major event!) and it just happened to be when I was starting the website. What perfect timing! You know my great FrontPage? That was her clever “internet” eye and she "deleted" my blab, blab, blab…let me do it on other pages! So now you are reading about my sister AND my website EDITOR. What a perfect fit! Editing from Indiana is "short and sweet" thanks to the snail mail. And the cool part? If I don’t like what she says, I can just hit the “delete” key! Just kidding, of course! Thank You, Dear Jane (OS).

Lisa Bagnell, Nelda Staples, Tami Stevens, Rona Wright, Linda Vernon, Annette Moore, Trudy Geary, and Jeanette Vernon: The “Helping Hands.” Along came Yvonne, our Librarian and the Quilt Meister but she couldn’t “build” this alone (and I don’t know ANYTHING about quilting) so Yvonne suggested I talk to the ladies at the local “Loose Threads” Quilting Guild here in Coalville (and other local quilters) to see if they would be interested in “helping” and they have done just that AND more! They have spent their valuable time to assist in creating this “masterpiece” integrating some of their creative quilting experience from the past. And in addition to assisting with “stitching” signature blocks, a number of the GRACIOUS volunteers have even DONATED their own beautiful, gorgeous fabric (in quilters terms “STASH”) for Jo’s Library Quilt! I appreciate every single one of you! Thank You Very Much!

Richard Kelly: The Meister of wordsmithing in my book. Richard (another “geek” friend that works for has been a tremendous help to me throughout the project on the website and even a few “side jobs.” I also worked with Richard years ago and it is a pleasure to be working with him again! His cleverness and awareness of the English language has helped me many times. He can take my words, feel my passion of this project (since he knows me) and put it down on paper just like I wanted it to sound…in fact…BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS. Yep…that’s how he understood my feelings and that's what he came up with...he couldn’t have been more “right on!” Thank you Richard!

Teresa DeForest: My information booth (or local “DexKnows™”) and an “authentic” lady! If I need to know where it is, who they are, where to get it, how to get it, what time they open, how much it costs…I just pick up the phone and call Teresa. Much quicker than “411” and you get immense detail and essentials! And she’s a Notary Public on top of it! So every “Certificate of Authenticity” notarized for Jo’s Library Quilt has the “know” of Teresa along with her “authentic” enthusiasm when I bring in another prominent author’s signature square! Thanks Tee-Tee for coming on “Board” Jo’s Library Quilt and being just YOU!

Dennis Garver: My “little” budget for this project grew as the project grew so I wanted to raise some cash and I have an antique basket to sell but no time for research. So I went to my “non-geek” brother-in-law who is now an “internet” enthusiast and just happens to adore antiques. So he did the research I needed for my “little” antique Apache basket (of course, he’d like to just trade it for something!) in hopes to raise the “bucks” to assist my budget. Thanks Dennis, appreciate your valuable time and knowledge! (FYI: Dennis, I haven’t sold it yet…maybe someday we’ll end up with a trade we BOTH agree on which does NOT include a car engine!)

Jenny Lloyd: Dear, dear Jenny. I wanted to put photos on the QUILT. Asked the Quilt Meister what she thought about “iron-on transfers” for our MASTERPIECE! The short version…no way! As I said, I know nothing about quilting and this was another example of that! However, Jenny does and recommended a great product I can print beautiful photos on 100% cotton and the artist (Quilt Meister) highly approved! But more importantly to me about Jenny are her enthusiasm, perception and friendship! Talk about someone who understands my passion for this project. OMG!!! I throw out my story, she throws back enthusiasm! I throw out tears, she cries right along with me! Then she suggested getting a few signatures from authors where she’s employed (which she did!) and along with those AWESOME signatures, Jenny guided me to another magnificent obsession! Another story…another day! Thank dear Jenny. We’ll do breakfast again soon!

Vickie Garver: My Sister-in-Law. She's had some great author referrals which I truely appreciate. But more importantly...she's a FANTASTIC listener! You know the saying "It's not all about you!" Well, with Vickie, she let's it be..."all about me." She has listened to SO many stories...probably more than she'll ever admit she has wanted to listen to. But she is a wonderful listener and lets be blab, lets me carry on, lets be cry, and just sits and listens, and listens and listens... all the time! She supports me and my project 100% That's a really good sister-in-law! And amazingly enough, we look like twins!!! Thank you Vickie.

Debra Lund: A lady that heard my story and was inspired. A lady that explained to me why all of my senses are at their peaks. A lady that explained to me that being obsessed with something, as I am with this project, is “okay” when it is a “magnificent” obsession! A lady who spends her life “doing good” for people…and fortunately for me, our paths crossed, and she has been “doing good” for me ever since! That’s just what she does…and she's good at it and she loves doing it! Thank you Deb!

Lone´ Vilnius: A good friend. One of the ladies I enjoy “girl’s getaways/girl’s nights out” for chatting, laughing, just plain “girl talk.” And she says in passing…”so I heard about your library project…remember, I’m a GRAPHIC ARTIST…if I can lend a helping hand.” And I didn’t think of Lone´ sooner? She’s PROFESSIONAL, has ALL the right tools and accomplishes the task APPROXIMATELY 6 times faster than me (and gorgeous with the eye of an ARTIST!) Duh Jo! And now we get to “chat” more often too! Lone´, with much fondness & thanks!

April & Dave Allgood: This project has “connected” new relationships but has also “re-connected” old! April, my hubby Mike, and I all worked together (and partied a bit too with her hubby!) years ago! April attended a Public Hearing in Coalville many months ago regarding Summit County’s future plans for a library. She supported the library THEN & EVEN MORE NOW! I gave my “spiel” about Jo’s Library Quilt and April mentioned that she would like to help…said she doesn’t quilt, really doesn’t type…but would do WHATEVER. I said maybe flyer distribution or something later on down the road (she said she could drive okay!J). Well that’s just what she’s doing now and Dave is helping too! They’re getting the word out to Coalville businesses and Coalville City! Thanks a BIG BUNCH April & Dave! (Dave: We want to see YOU too!)

KLM Movie Productions: That’s not a REAL company but you’d think so…they are one PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTION CREW! Kathy Heffron, Lone´ Vilnius and Margo Shirley. They put all their skills together…eye for the camera, artist, movie maker and they gave me a film for Ellen! And their hearts were into it! That’s what REALLY made it special…they care and it showed! I can’t thank KLM enough for their precious time! It will help our Library, I’m sure of it! See you soon!

Janine Porter (Porter House Quilting): I’m trying to “round up” donations for this project…raise money, right? Well I received a very valuable donation from this lady…one of great value…one from the HEART! Janine is THE LADY who did the MACHINE QUILTING on THE QUILT. She was HIGHLY recommended by Yvonne, the Quilt Meister; she’s does many of Yvonne’s beautiful quilts and Janine was also interested in the story of Jo’s Library Quilt! Janine recommended a “stitch” for this “WORK OF ART” JAM-PACKED WITH GENEROUS, PROMINENT AUTHORS SIGNATURES!!! And her recommendation was “PERFECT!” What do you think I did when I saw it? Yep, I cried, again...happy tears of course!!! Janine had agreed to do the machine quilting as her donation and I would pay for the batting and binding! HOWEVER…when I picked up the quilt and got ready to pay, her response…”NOTHING DUE…MY DONATION TO JO’S LIBRARY QUILT!!!” I left humbly with THE QUILT rolled up with under my arm with a nice little bow with the fabric she had used for the binding and sat in my car and sobbed!!! What wonderful, generous things people have done for Jo’s Library Quilt!!! This QUILT has sooooo many BEAUTIFUL stories like this! Janine, thank you VERY MUCH!

Herb Lloyd: Analytical/marketing guru, social network creator and dear friend! What markets do I reach? How do I put a plan together? Herb took the time, put it in a language I could understand and gave me a "Marketing Plan" that was doable for my Marketing Team (me!). Thanks Herb. I should have talked to you and SocialKiva sooner!

Linda Papreck: I needed help figuring out how to finalize, secure the signatures in the "collage" frame. I contacted a old high school friend, a talented, old high school friend who I haven't seen in 15 years but we keep in touch (but not enough!). So not only did she give me ideas, she sent me samples and the products to do the job! She saved the day! And she saved me a bunch of mulla; didn't have to take it to a custom frame shop like originally planned! Since each unique signature needed to have its own unique frame within the Collage! That's why old, good friends are so UNIQUE! Thank you very much Linda (and for listening too!)

Jim Keyes: My boss. A man of few words. So I'll try to say this in a few words. Thanks for being flexible with my work schedule the last 17 months. Thanks for doing my job on the days I was absent in the last 17 months off having the time of my life! Thanks for putting up with the emotions the last 17 months! Thanks for my job!


My, my…this takes a lot of thought and emotion…be back soon! I have forgotten YOU, I’m just taking a break!