Jo's Library Quilt
Authors Helping Build A Library
Signature By Signature...Block By Block...Book By Book!

The Authors Respond

"What a delightful project! It sounds like just the sort of thing of which communities themselves are built, by enterprising souls such as yourself. I am honored to be asked to supply a signature and I'm happy to do so. It truly is like that line from the movie “Field of Dreams.”  Build it and they’ll come.”  Only you’re making them come so you can build it. And tell your mother-in-law thanks for the recommend...I'm glad she's enjoyed my books." Eileen Goudge.

Hello Jo Garver. My name is Father Uwem Akpan and I am a Writer from Nigeria and Oprah picked my book last year.I have been traveling all over and came back to my room in Nigeria this night and saw the mail you wrote. I would like to participate if it’s not too late and send you my signature but I have not found the pen you said you included in the package to help me sign this piece of cloth. So I don’t really know what to do now. I will be back in the U.S. next week this Thursday. I will try to call you again tonight to see whether what you need is still and better how I could sign this cloth. Take care of yourself. Take care. Goodbye Jo & God Bless! (Father Akpan left this message then called later that night to make arrangements to receive his "new" package in the U.S. A THRILL of a LIFE TIME! Thank you!) Uwem Akpan


I would be happy to sign a quilt square for your fundraiser. You go girl! (And a once-in-lifetime personal phone call from Fern Michaels in the early stages of the project which resulted in the "template" sent to authors to ensure that their signatures "fit just right" on THE QUILT!) Fern Michaels

Thank you for your kind words about The Ultimate Gift book and movie.  You might also enjoy the new sequel book The Ultimate Life which continues the story.  We are working on an Ultimate Life movie now which we hope will be out next year. I would be very pleased to participate in your quilt project as you described. Thank you. And thank you for the important work you are doing for libraries.  I’m glad to be a small part of your project. We will share the message. Stay in touch. Jim Stovall

I would be honored and thrilled to assist you with this project, and I am so pleased that you contacted me.  And I really would love it if you would keep me posted on your progress with this, and if there is anything else I can do to help. My very best wishes for all success. Thanks for letting me know that the book arrived, and I have no doubt that you will prevail!  I think you have done, and are continuing to do an amazing job.Best wishes, and huge congratulations to everyone - especially you! - for such an extraordinary achievement.  I hope you raise an absolute fortune!  R.J. Ellory

This is the first time I have ever had a "quilt request!" Love, Wilbur. (I wrote Wilbur and his quilt square and response showed up 3 months later! What a THRILL & SURPRISE! You never stop hoping!) Wilbur Smith

Thank you for your e-mail to Alexander McCall Smith. It is most kind of you to invite him to sign a quilt square, and he will be very happy to do this. Thank you very much indeed for sending photos of the amazing quilt - you are right, it really is a work of art! You must all be very proud of your efforts. We will certainly spread the word about the quilt. In the meantime, warmest wishes from Edinburgh!
Lesley Winton, PA to Alexander McCall Smith

If you send me an envelope, I will see what I can do for you. I have a great deal of traveling to do, but hopefully this will get to you in time. Thank you for your interest. Thanks so much for getting in touch. My best, Elizabeth.” She made it happen and sent the package back! Elizabeth Strout

Personal hand written note (which I'll cherish forever!). "Dear Jo, I'd be happy to sign a quilt square and help you help the library...but there wasn't a square in the envelope. Send it, and I'll sign it. From me to you-a book you might enjoy." Dean Koontz. Oh my gosh! I was soooooo excited that Dean Koontz agreed to sign a quilt square so I quickly prepared his package and forgot to include the quilt square! new checklist mounted on the wall! And talk about GENEROUS authors, along with his note he sent me a personalized autographed book of A BIG LITTLE LIFE and THEN sent another for THE BOOK COLLECTION!

Sounds great. Thanks for thinking of me, and I hope you continue to read and enjoy my books. Very impressive. Good luck with it. All the best, Joy Fielding

Thank you for visiting Debbie's website and for taking the time to sign her guest book.  Debbie says what a lovely idea and she would love to participate.  Please let me know if I can answer any further questions for you. Warmest regards, Heidi Pollard, Office Assistant to Debbie Macomber

Certainly you may send the quilt square to Barbara.  Lucy Davis, Assistant to Barbara Delinsky.

Thank you for the letter and the very kind invitation to sign a quilt square. I'd be delighted to help out raising funds for the library -- what a creative idea! I am honored to be included in the project, and thank you for all your kind words about my books. Send you all my best wishes for a great success! The quilt looks fabulous. Douglas Preston

Dearest Jo, I read your amazing letter- and all about your project! I am honored to be included, please send me the square and also we will send you my books signed for the fundraiser. I will help you however I can.  Let us know how we can further help you. Jo, libraries are under siege right now, and your determination to have one in your town is inspiring, relevant and full of hope. You go girl! xoxoxo Adriana. Adriana Trigiani

Dear Jo, You can send it to me. I'll look for it. Two books in the mail, Jo. Good luck with the project. Congratulations Jo.  The quilt looks amazing.  Best of luck with the fundraiser! I put some links up to your site and Facebook page.  Hope it helps. (Regarding his booking signing in Salt Lake City 5/3/11.) I would love for you to bring the quilt to The King’s English.  I want to see it in person!  I’ve heard great things about the store so I’m very much looking forward to seeing it.  And now meeting you and seeing the quilt makes it even more exciting for me.  See you on May 3rd!  D.J. MacHale

I wrote to Carl Hiaasen through his website at Knopf Books.  He signed the quilt square and returned it promptly! This was one of those great "mailbox" surprises! Carl Hiaasen

Tom and I would be delighted to help!  It's a wonderful idea.  Please send the quilt square. I really love your project.  My house is full of quilts made by my mother, my grandmother, total strangers, and me.  Thank you for thinking of us. The quilt is beautiful!  Thank you for showing us the quilt, our own signature blocks, and the bookshelf.  It's an amazing accomplishment and I hope the effort raises tons and tons of money for your library. Tom & Laura McNeal

Jo, By all means, feel free to send me a patch. It was a pleasure to meet you.  And the quilt turned out gorgeous! Thanks for the photo!!! Tess Gerritsen

Thank you so much for including Clive in your wonderful Quilt project.  I have sent him your request and he would be honored to participate.  He will also be very happy to donate a signed copy New Release book to the Library. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with. Gillian Brown for Clive Cussler

Sure, send it to the address listed on the site for signed books.  Best and good luck. JK Jonathan Kellerman

Jo, I am happy to sign a quilt square.  Thanks. Jodi Picoult

Dear Jo, I'd be happy to participate in this. Count me in. (Sent John completed photos.) This is awesome.  Congratulations!  I’m proud to be part of it. All best, John Lescroart

Janet Evanovich's package went via "snail mail." So I patiently waited (yeah, right!) for a response. And it was worth the wait! Along with her signature quilt square was the enclosed "personal" note (which I GET TO KEEP unlike the "blankie" or the "books.") From Janet..."Dear Jo, Here's a signed copy of a Stephanie Plum Novel for the "Book Collection." Hope Jo's Library Quilt is a great success! Fondly, Janet Evanovich

I'm glad to sign this for Jo's Library Quilt. Onward and upward with libraries! David McCullough

Hey there, Jo! I'd be happy to help with whatever you need. Send the package. Your project sounds fascinating, and I'd be honored to be a part of it. John Searles

You can send the quilt square to me. (And with his returned quilt square, a handwritten note!) Good luck with your quilt project! Ken Follett


Please do send the package and we will return it. Thanks! Michele S. Peppers for B. Smith


Dear Jo, Thanks for writing.  I'm happy to participate.  Regards. (Sent update and photo. Her response.) Thank you for sending this along.  It's beautiful. JA Jance

Happy to help. No problem at all! You are so sweet -- and should take such pride in your work! All the best. (After sending Chris Bohjalian a copy of his completed quilt block and the completed quilt, we replied..."You rock, Jo.  This is wonderful.  Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Pretty awesome, eh?) Chris Bohjalian

Jo, that's a cool idea for the Coalville library.  I'd like to help out.  What do we do next?  Do you want just a signature, or the cover of the book (may be hard to quilt that).  Let me know.  Thanks, and good luck. Tom Clyde

Terrific!!!! Super!!! And I was raised by a librarian so there’s definitely a symmetry between Cosmo and libraries!!! Bravo! Kate White

Sounds like a fun project. I'm happy to do this. Maybe you should bring the part of be signed to the event in Seattle? I can give you a book there. (Sent Jane updated project photos.) Thanks, Jo, and good luck! You have worked hard. Jane Smiley

Jo – I am happy to do this. I could donate a copy of my latest release, but you might prefer THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING since the main character is an Art Quilter? Let me know, and I look forward to meeting you. Joshilyn Jackson

What a great idea! I would love to do this.  Please send the package to me. (I sent Lee photos of the completed quilt & book collection received to date including her release; Lee's response.) What a beautiful quilt!  Thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of it. Sincerely, Lee Smith

Thank you SO much for writing to me. I  would love to send you a book, and look forward to receiving your package. Jane Green

Dear Jo, Karen has been writing, traveling and spending time with her family so while Karen reads her messages, I help answer them. I'm Karen's mother and her assistant, and I enjoy helping with this part of her ministry of Life-Changing Fiction (TM). Karen is receiving a large number of e-mails at this time so I apologize for taking so long to respond. The day you wrote this letter was the release date of her newest book "Take Four". We were in Bloomington, Indiana that day enjoying the Baxter Family Reunion and the Red Carpet Book Party! Karen tells me she would be happy to sign your quilt square if it isn't too late. Thanks so much again for your letter, and for your patience. Blessings, Anne Kingsbury, Karen's Mother and Assistant Karen Kingsbury

Jo, I am so glad signature square got there okay. Sorry for the delay but its been a bit crazy around here. Such a great thing your doing. Much love. Heather Armstrong

Hi Jo, What a great story! I'm always willing to help out the libraries so I'd be glad to sign your COLLAGE and donate a book. Best, Tatjana Soli

Jo, so nice to hear from you! Although I'm on the road at the moment, I'll be visiting family at the end of March, so your best bet is to send the quilt square there and I'll return it to you promptly.Thanks! All best, Jeff Deaver

I’d be glad to sign the fabric.  I had a similar quilt in my novel The Persian Pickle Club.  Sandra Dallas

The mysteries of the internet have been at work here as I sent an e-mail saying Nora would be happy to participate. I'm sorry you have been waiting for an answer that never got to you, but Nora would be happy to sign the fabric for the quilt.  Best regards, Laura Reeth for Nora Roberts & J.D. Robb

Good morning. Thank you for writing. Thanks for your interest. -web4 for W.E.B. Griffin

THE COLLAGE is a wonderful idea!  And the quilt is lovely!  Yes, Jo, I'd be happy to help. I'm going to send you all three of my Cobbled Court Quilt novels, A SINGLE THREAD, A THREAD OF TRUTH, and A THREAD SO THIN. Best of luck with your project, Jo.  You sound like the sort of woman every little town needs.  Keep up the good work! Marie Bostwick

Hi there! I would be honored and thrilled. Thank you! I will be ordering a shipment of books this week and I will definitely send a signed hardcover to you when I get them in. Take care! Francine LaSala

Author Marie Bostwick sent me the link to your quilt project and efforts to raise money for your library. I'm a lifelong bookaholic and an author and would love to donate a copy of my book The Quilter's Catalog: A Comprehensive Resource Guide. Your little town deserves a lot of help, partly because you are asking for it in such a compelling way.  So, yes, please do send me a square to autograph and I will send you not one but TWO books. (Meg sent one for the BOOK Collection & one The Heart Of A Family for our Library!). Also, I can send some money and donate for opportunities for your quilt. I wish you great success in your efforts! I wish your continued book drive much success. I enjoyed participating. Meg Cox